Structural Design Review: Special Educational Needs School and the Athletic Centre

ProjectSpecial Educational Needs School and the Athletic Centre
LocationYas Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
ClientShamal Group Limited, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
ArchitectRe:a.c.t Architects, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Structural EngineersDewan Architecs + Engineers, U.A.E.
Structural Design ReviewKraufner LLC, U.A.E.
Commission year2019

Kraufner LLC were commissioned by Shamal Group Limited to review the structural design of Special Education Needs (SEN) School and an Athletic Centre (ATC), located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The review encompassed all stages of the design, ranging from concept though to detailed design phase.

Structural Design of a School for Children with Special Educational Needs = Aerial View
Aerial view of the school and the Athletic Centre

Project Background

Designed to service both the local community and the surrounding communities, the two buildings provide an essential local amenity, accessible by foot or cycle from all of the residential clusters within Yas Acres. Required number of car parking places and bus drop-offs is provided on the plot.

SEN School, conceived to be the first purpose-built special educational needs facility of this type in Abu Dhabi, to provide a British curriculum for children with varied Special Education Needs, including Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD). School will host up to 260 pupils, that will range from Key Stage 1 to Sixth Form (4 years old to 18 years).

Athletic Center was designed to house a swimming pool, gymnasium and a sports hall. Sporting facilities were to be used by SEN School students, as well as a wider local community after School hours and on weekends.

Both SEN School and Athletic Center buildings combine a feeling of innovation and modernity, whilst encompassing a safe and secure environment. Both learning and environments for sport activities feel open and inviting, creating a comfortable atmosphere for both pupils and staff members alike.

Structural Form

Reinforced concrete structures, with post-tensioned concrete floors and structural steel truss roofs.