ArmaCAD ®

Concrete reinforcement detailing software


  • Ability to create and recognise any type of bending. A bar viewer allows bars to be displayed in Library mode, either in 2D (to-scale) or in 3D orbital mode with zoom and 3D rotation.
  • Native AutoCAD/BricsCAD commands can be used on all ArmaCAD objects, bars and marks, transparently and instantaneously.
  • All the representations of the same bar on several views (3D, 2D and figuratives) are connected.
  • Dynamic update of bar distributions (in plan view or section) in the case of a change in formwork.
  • Associative and dynamic marking of the bars with automatic updates in the event of change of the formwork or of the distribution values.
  • ArmaCAD is capable of changing the bar diameter while updating the bending diameters and any standard hooks in accordance with EC2, BAEL, BS, ISO, ACI or custom rules, whilst retaining the initial cover.
  • Handling of special shapes such as rings, spirals, chairs, hoops and lifting bars.
  • Handling of bar layers of varying lengths, varying linearly or otherwise with automatic update in the event of a modification of the formwork.
  • Handling of couplers and threaded bars, on any type of bending, with specific metering and full settings.
  • Customisable 2D or 3D couplers.
  • Automated and configurable handling of welded mesh.
  • Automatic handling of overlaps. Complies with EuroCode 2.
  • Automatic detection of document changes between the revisions/issues with automatic indexing of the bar schedule.
  • Dynamic change in the numbering.
  • Automatic publication of the bar schedules on the drawing, in a report format, or in EXCEL in any format.
  • Compatible with manufacturing software through the BVBS exchange format.
  • Fully configurable software. All project settings are editable via a single command, with an ability to export and share project configuration for use in other projects.
  • Compatible with other 3D software through IFC exchange format.

Kraufner LLC is an authorised reseller of OTP’s ArmaCAD® reinforcement detailing software for the United Arab Emirates.

To find out more about how ArmaCAD® can help you or your construction firm, simply provide us with your contact details and we will get back to you.

Alternatively, provide us with your specific requirements and we will figure out the best way we can help.

Presentation and Documentation Deliverables

  • ArmaCAD allows you to draw easily any type of 2D or 3D reinforcement drawing with automatic generation of the bar schedules either from the 2D views or directly from the 3D model with BIM export at IFC format.
  • ArmaCAD can be used equally well in the building field as it can for the most complex engineering structures.
  • ArmaCAD is able to comply with all regulations, standards or CAD standards.
  • ArmaCAD comes ready-supplied with bar schedules as well as configurations such as EC2, BAEL, BS, ISO, ACI in imperial or metric mode.


  • ArmaCAD V12 works under AutoCAD® 2015 to 2020 and BricsCAD® V16 to V20.
  • Multilingual versions: French / English / Spanish / Portuguese.
  • Support for many different standards: BS8666, BAEL, EC2, ISO4066, ACI, NBR.
  • Compatibility with the IFC and BVBS exchange formats.


To meet varying needs of clients, ArmaCAD software comes with a number of different licensing* options:

Perpetual license

Provides you with an unlimited use of the purchased version of the software indefinitely. Additionally, you can opt in for an annual maintenance subscription which, for a low annual fee, provides you with continuous updates to ArmaCAD®. You can choose to stop the annual maintenance subscription at any time, at which point you will still be able to use the reinforcement detailing software, although you will no longer have access to the updates.

Subscription license

Provides you with a license to use the software for the duration of the subscription. You will also have continuous access to software updates. Once your subscription runs out, or you choose not to extend it, you will no longer have access to the software.

*Network licenses available.